Guest on Comedy RPG Podcast BKORPP

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I play the first guest on comedic RPG podcast BKORPP loosely based on D&D 5th edition! My story begins in episode 10: “It’s not D&D… It’s HBO”. The characters are sent on a mission by Tony Soprano, and I join their adventure as Daenerys Targaryen, a Draconic Sorcerer!

You can listen to the episode HERE.

Episode 10 description by DM Alec Robbins:

brand new episode of the Burger King Official Role-Playing Podcast is up! It’s part one of a brand new story arc where our heroes go see Tony Soprano about a Dragon Ball, with our first guest character (played by Jessica Lynn Parsons!)
please listen if you feel like you might enjoy some goofy half-hearted DnD that we’re pumping our hearts into!


BKORPP is a comedic role-playing podcast set in our modern-day (kind of. idk. there’s robots and magic apps???) join dungeon-master Alec Robbins along w/ Jason Emmons, Lauren Hoepner, and Ronnie Dezsi as they come to blows with fast-food conglomerates, laser tag champions, anime collectibles, and more!

new episode every other wednesday

Trailer for Devil’s Acid

The comedy horror movie, Devil’s Acid, I shot in Louisiana this spring, has just released a trailer! Check it out below!

Devil’s Acid Trailer Premiere

This years “haunted hot girl challenge” is in an abandoned prison facility deep in the forest while on acid. It’s a good trip until the devil shows up.#DevilsAcid #horror #acid

Posted by Devil’s Acid on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Festival Trailer for Aquarians

The festival trailer for the movie I shot in Michigan last year, Aquarians, has been released! “Aquarians is a wintertime drama about a seminary student who returns to his hometown and is compelled to reconnect with his estranged brother.” Directed and written by Michael M. McGuire.

You can see more about the movie on the IMDb page!

A new national holiday commercial!

I just finished filming a national commercial for the holidays! I can’t release any information regarding the project until it airs, but you’ll see me dancing and singing on your television this holiday season! The direction and the set was so much fun – definitely one of the most exciting shoots I’ve been a part of! I had an absolute blast shooting the commercial and I feel so lucky to have been chosen be a part of the project!

I’ll release the commercial here when it airs!