GAP Holiday Commercial

I sing and dance alongside Janelle Monae in GAP’s holiday commercial, “To Making Music and Magic. To Perfect Harmony.” It’s airing nationally on network television, Instagram ads, and in stores – check it out!

“Hangry” Commercial on Comedy Central

My first nationally airing commercial has come out! It’s a Jack Link’s “Hangry” spot to promote Comedy Central’s new show, “Another Period.” It’s airing twice on Comedy Central and then will be a new media only commercial. Thank you to Andrew at Ideal Talent for hooking me up with the audition!

New Quizno’s video – Office Parkour

Director Oren Kaplan brought me back for another Quizno’s commercial! I’m featured as the romantic interest of our video game hero who does parkour for the video! It was pretty insane to witness in real life. When he jumps off the second story ledge – yea, that was real life. Over 100,000 views!