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New show: Damsels & Dishes

Dec 19, 2017

Join me and Lexcee Riley every Thursday at 8PM PT on our new Twitch show, Damsels & Dishes! It’s a geeky cooking show where we cook recipes from fantasy, video …

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GAP Holiday Commercial

Dec 19, 2017

I sing and dance alongside Janelle Monae in GAP’s holiday commercial, “To Making Music and Magic. To Perfect Harmony.” It’s airing nationally on network television, Instagram ads, and in stores …

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bkorpp daenerys targaryen burger king podcast

Guest on Comedy RPG Podcast BKORPP

Oct 5, 2017

I play the first guest on comedic RPG podcast BKORPP loosely based on D&D 5th edition! My story begins in episode 10: “It’s not D&D… It’s HBO”. The characters are sent …

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jessica lynn parsons devils acid still

Trailer for Devil’s Acid

Sep 28, 2017

The comedy horror movie, Devil’s Acid, I shot in Louisiana this spring, has just released a trailer! Check it out below! Devil’s Acid Trailer Premiere This years “haunted hot girl challenge” …

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Festival Trailer for Aquarians

Sep 17, 2017

The festival trailer for the movie I shot in Michigan last year, Aquarians, has been released! “Aquarians is a wintertime drama about a seminary student who returns to his hometown …

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A new national holiday commercial!

Aug 7, 2017

I just finished filming a national commercial for the holidays! I can’t release any information regarding the project until it airs, but you’ll see me dancing and singing on your …

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Jessica Lynn Parsons for Anesidora on Maze Arcana

New RPG Stream on Maze Arcana!

Jul 30, 2017

Calling all geeks! I’ll be starting a brand new RPG stream called Anesidora, and you can watch it every Monday at 7:30 PM PDT on Maze Arcana‘s Twitch channel! …

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Jessica Lynn Parsons in staged reading of Mercy Station with the Vagrancy at Sacred Fools Theatre

Staged Reading of MERCY STATION with The Vagrancy

Jul 25, 2017

This weekend, I performed with The Vagrancy in a staged reading of MERCY STATION, a new play by Abbey Fenbert. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the …

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Jessica Lynn Parsons modeling for 2017 Toyota Corolla print ad campaign shot by Vincent Dixon

2017 Toyota Corolla Print Ad

May 25, 2017

I just found the 2017 Toyota Corolla print ad I shot last year! I’m the Zooey-Deschanel-type with my face buried in the book! The campaign was shot by the prolific …

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First trailer for This is Us is here!

May 5, 2017

The first trailer for This is Us, the feature I shot last year directed by Jerry J White and written by Raymond Creamer, has been released! I had so much …

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